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Elegance in your handwriting and the envy of the people around you is what you will be expecting with our Classic Fountain Pen!


SMOOTH WRITING. Show off your finest and most beautiful handwriting with this Classic Fountain pen. Effortless writing and experience the smoothness in your writing with no smudges!

CLASSIC STYLE. Our classic design fountain pen has the perfect combination of modern luxury and traditional beauty. The details are luxuriously designed on our pen giving it a distinguished beautiful look!

PERFECT GIFT. This handcrafted fountain pen makes a perfect, sophisticated gift for any occasion, may it be for birthdays, business giveaways, etc. This pen says it all in style!


Material: Metal
Nib Point: 0.5mm
Color: Red Wood Black



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13 reviews

Rebecca Willoughby

I love the statement using a fountain pen makes. I have gifted some of your pens.

Richard Warren

Great idea, you get the easy writing, non-smear fountain pen nib and don't have to mess with ink bottles, spills and a blotched first touch to the paper. A little bit more classy than all the gel pens out there. Reminded me of how nice fountain pens were to use. Haven't drained one yet, they seem to last.


Alexis Morales

Had fountain pens when I was a kid in grade school but I remember they were always leaking, never need to worry about that with this. And cant complain about the great value as well. Give this pen a shot, I think you will be happy you did, I am.


Andrew Mason

I threw out my old tired boring ballpoints and went to the original fountain pen concept with the old school nib technology. I'm really impressed with this lightweight super smooth pen. This actually make your handwriting better and I like the thick bold lines it makes.


Remi Boyd

This pen delivers - very easy to write, dries quickly, no issues with leakage. I have (in the week I have been using it) tried it on regular note pad paper, standard legal/A4 sheet, as well as thick documentation (legal). No leaks, and dried quickly.


Elise Henry

I was very impressed with this pen. I use these everyday and love the way the write. I found a new love in writing. I will buying more of this for sure!


Steve Crawford

These pens have not leaked in any sense and write very well without any heaviness at all. Gave some away to others that also love pens and they have not put them away. Definitely, for the price, buy these pens!


Arabella Hunter

This pen is amazing. I have others that cost in the hundreds and this would rank right up there with them. It write so smoothly. I have always loved the idea of fountain pens, but had bad luck with the ink running and getting everywhere as well as having some of the ink make splotches on the paper.


Homer Porter

It work well as long as its kept with the nib down for awhile before you write with them. No bubbles or skipped sections. The nib isn’t the smoothest but its ok and I’ll take it as a trade off for not dealing with the ink and not worrying about losing my good pen or having it leak.


Harold Tucker

I'm finding that "everything electronic" is not always as fulfilling working working with tangible and engaging objects. If you're reading this and feel the same, then add the fountain pen to your toolbox; especially this.

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