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Being accurate is the most important aspect of drawing!

This Drawing Guide Projector is perfect for beginners, hobbyists, and even experienced artists!

It can project an image from your phone or tablet to your pad so you can trace it and sketch it accurately!

Isn't that amazing?

This is a small tool but with a big impact!

You will feel confident and improve your art skills with this handy Drawing Guide Projector!



OPTICAL IMAGING PRINCIPLE.  Our drawing guide projector reflects the image with an Optical PMMA Lens which lets you draw any projected image perfectly on any material. 

EASY TO USE.  With our Drawing Guide Projector, all you need is to find a great picture or sketch you would like to draw. Once you got it ready, just place your phone on the stand and start drawing! It's that easy!

COMPATIBLE FOR ALL PHONES & TABLETS. Simple and quick to assemble and supports all mobile phones and tablets.

SUITABLE FOR ALL. The Drawing Guide Projector is suitable for both children and adults. And can used to practice calligraphy, learning to draw, or just to have fun! 


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5 reviews

Erika Faucher

Makes a great copy of the image to trace on paper. Easy to set up and use. I am pleased with this product. Highly recommended!

Walter Wilson

This drawing projector meets my expectations. It really is good for kids. My daughter loves art and I think this a good way to start in improving her skills.

Nancy Anderson

My daughter uses this all the time. She had dropped it a lot of times as well but it still works perfectly. I am happy about this product. It is excellent.

Kent A.

This is a great practice for those who want to improve their skills. I super love this. I can choose any pictures that I want to trace and sketch. I can now continue to try to draw and sketch every day!


Jennifer Harris

This is a very simple but effective device. It works great with an iPad or iPhone. You can quickly get an accurately proportioned sketch laid out. I usually prefer to do my sketches from observation but if you are looking for accurate proportions this device saves a lot of time.