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Executive Nib Fountain Pen - For Proud Writers Who Are Worth More Than a Ballpoint. 

“I have used a variety of different makes of fountain pens throughout my fast-disappearing life (now touching 73 years!). These pens are the best I have ever used.  The quality and range of different colours of the caps and barrels are excellent. However, the real winner for these pens is the nib; far superior to any nib I have ever used in my life.  I have never written with any other make of fountain pen that has the same beautiful quality of smoothness as the nibs of these fountain pens.” - Christopher Owen


The Executive Nib fountain pen is for writers who deserve better than a ballpoint pen.

For those of us who take pride in our presentation and want to add our unique style and personality to the messages we write.

It’s for the heartfelt birthday card message.

For the boutique stationery makers.

For the romantic love letter writers.

And for the creative artists. 

Whatever you want to express, our best selling executive nib fountain pen will add comfort, style and class to your writing, as you feel the heavy, well-balanced and easy-grip pen move smoothly over the page without wrist ache.

  • No more running out of ink.

  • No more tossing pens in the landfill. 

  • No more aching wrists. 

Because we’re better than a ballpoint.  


Why do so many writers love this pen?

In a world of endless texts and emails, machine-printed birthday cards, computer-generated art and “chicken scratch” writing that undermines your message, this fountain pen will bring back your love for writing and drawing, while showing your recipient just how much you care.

So come on writers, artists, stationery makers, journalists, note-takers, friends, family and lovers - it’s time to add sophistication to your desk, style to your writing and pride in your written words.

Join the ballpoint revolt and claim your executive pen today!


Recent reviews...

“It has a lovely weight and writes so smoothly” - Anna

“The pen is easy to hold, well balanced, and fits comfortably into a shirt or suit jacket breast pocket. The pen begins writing immediately upon contact with paper and moves smoothly over the page. I have recommended this pen to friends.” - George

“My hand often gets fatigued with all of the writing I do with cheap ballpoint pens on the job. My new pen is barely out of the box and I love it already. I wrote several sentences with a ballpoint pen and then with this. The ballpoint fatigues me almost immediately while there is almost no fatigue when using my new Executive Nib Fountain Pen. I didn’t realize how wonderful this would feel when writing fast.” - Rebecca

“Heavy, well balanced and the nib exceeds my Monte Blanc and Schaeffer’s. It defines you - to choose the best in which to express yourself.” - John

“The weight and balance is fabulous. I particularly like the ridged grip which stops your finders sliding off.” - Paul 


Order your executive nib fountain pen today and enjoy writing in comfort and style:


  • Extra-Precision Nib - Unlike traditional nibs, our tips are agile and easy to use. it creates smoother, more detailed handwriting.
  • Refillable Ink Chamber - All you have to do is unscrew the pen's barrel, place the nib in the ink bottle, and turn the cartridge to draw the ink into the chamber. It's simple and mess-free!
  • A pen for every personality - Choose from a selection of fifteen beautiful pen designs. Or choose multiple and save an additional 10%-15%. 
  • Heavy and well-balanced - For smooth movement and elegant writing.
  • Ridged grip - Stops your finders sliding off
  • Make a statement - Add sophistication to your desk, style to your writing and pride in your work!


Nib Material: Stainless Steel

Nib Size: 0.5MM or 1MM (The 1MM nib is slightly bent upward)

Package includes:

1X Executive Nib Fountain Pen 

Note: Ink is not included, but it's easy to add any regular ink to the fountain pen.

Shipping info:

In order to keep our products super affordable we use Economy Shipping (with Tracking) and ship straight from our fulfillment partner located close to our factories. Please allow 5-14 business days for your order to arrive.


If you don't absolutely LOVE your new Executive Nib Fountain Pen, just send it back within 30 days after you receive it for a full refund!

30-day money-back guarantee

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1. Where are you located? 

We’re based in lovely Copenhagen, Europe. However, we ship worldwide at no extra cost. 

2. Can I change the nib? 

Sure, as long as you have another nib that fits. We have two nib sizes -  0.5MM or 1MM.

3. Where can I order the ink? 

You can order ink from regular office supply stores. Any regular pen ink can be used. 

4. What is the size of the pen and the ink cartridge? 

The fountain pen is 5.6 x 0.6 inches / 14.2 x 1.5cm. The ink cartridge is 1 inch / 2.6cm. 


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36 reviews

Maurice Ellaway

These are brilliant, no leaks or blots they write perfectly and smoothly and they look good and expensive.


Steve Lavelle

Wasn't expecting much to be honest but very impressed with weight and quality.

peter smart

I bought some black ink from a retailer to fill my fountain pens..He gave me one these pens free..It writes as smoothly as my Shaffer and Parker 51 which are worth $100's more..Great pen

Kathy Dowdy-Mixon

I have finally found a quality fountain pen.

Anthony Morris

WOW!! What a nicely crafted writing (drawing) instrument. Just received two in the mail and can't wait to get some ink in them tomorrow! I love to doodle and write letters....I like to decorate my envelopes with personal scenes for the person I am writing to...so this will be fun I am sure. Very nicely done, great balance and nice looks....way happy camper!!! Thanks

Yves Vilus

I have 3. They are fantastic.They reminded me of the old days


Michael Mifsud

Look no further! This is the pen you want to have... Fantastic feel, great writing experience. Well done!

Lydia Samson

I love to create my own greeting cards and stationery that I sell at the Farmer's Market and vendor shows. This pen has helped me to create some truly beautiful pieces of art.

Joan Smith

I love writing with ink pens so when I saw the advert on Facebook and that there was 50% off i decided to chance it and buy one not expecting much. When it arrived I was so glad that I bought it. It is the best fountain pen I have ever used, the weight is just perfect. I am just hoping that with use the colour doesn't come off. Up to now no problem. I would definitely recommend these pens. Arrived promptly even though we here in the UK are in lock down. Thank you.

Paula Diggle

Received my two pens today and they’re the same pen but different colours so I’ve only tried one so far. I’ve put a cartridge in because I haven’t got a bottle of ink yet. It writes beautifully and is very smooth. I’m looking forward to buying a bottle of pretty coloured ink - violet, turquoise or green. It looks great on white stationery.

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