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Improve your writing experience and make your calligraphy even more beautiful with this METAL FOUNTAIN PEN! These calligraphy pens are 100% more stable, accurate, and easy to maneuver than your normal pen. Offers .7 mm tip that is the optimum size for most lettering and calligraphy style!



Brings an unrivaled comfort and awesome writing experience.  Achieve neat, even, and super precise writing results. When it comes to the design of the pen itself, it has a very classy and luxurious finish that anyone around you will surely notice.




  • Perfect ink flow for easy, even strokes
  • Beautifully balanced and artfully crafted
  • Metal body and nib which boosts its classiness
  • Ideal weight for both left and right-handed writers
  • Inking system with a rotary and replaceable ink bag



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12 reviews

Adelaide Curry

What an elegant pair of writing instruments! The weight & balance are spot on and the fountain pen glides over the page with my Mont Blanc ink. I recommend this product unhesitatingly!


Austin Steele

This is the finest fountain pen I’ve ever had the pleasure of using! Its design is elegant, the ink flow is smooth, so smooth in fact that the pen becomes a natural extension of my hand. If you're on the fence, do yourself a favor. Pick out your favorite color and go for it! You will not be disappointed! :)


Melissa Hardy

The barrel and cap are stunning. The shape exquisite, with just the exact amount of weight. I wrote for about 45 minutes before I decided to write a review. This pen is just outstanding.


Leia Norris

This pen is remarkable. The flow is so smooth with a beautiful nib, right out of the box. There is no need to apply pressure to this pen for it to perform.


Ian Santiago

This is one really beautiful pen! It's easy to fill and it writes smoothly. It has a surprisingly substantial heft to it and feels quite luxurious in the hand.


Lucille Dawson

This isn't just a tool, it is a beautiful instrument of expressing ones thoughts to another individual. Stylish, comfortable to handle, elegant to own.


Adam Parks

Nice weight, pretty to look out. This was a good buy. I have suggested this to several friends.


Aniyah Vaughn

I must say, this pen writes beautifully and it does not take a long time for the ink to flow. For the metal feel, is light in the hand. Everything about this product is beautiful. Highly recommend for the price!


Dominic Mendez

This pen set is gorgeous. It is the perfect gift for anyone that is sophisticated and elegant! It is simply a must have if you enjoy receiving compliments from people. I will definitely purchase more of their pens and will recommend other people to try them.


Nicholas Haynes

I received mine approximately two hours ago and began to write with it immediately. Overall I am very happy with this purchase and would recommend to anyone like me just starting out with fountain pens.

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