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This fresh, elegant, reliable fountain pen is a true marriage of the sophistication of finer days with the latest technology of modern times. Hand-assembled and checked for flawless quality, it gives high precision and exceptional writing comfort for every occasion, coupled with a gorgeous design.



With this pen in your possession, clients, colleagues, and friends will know you for your taste, class, and sophistication. Beautifully well balanced and artfully writing instrument, this matte black fountain pen set is top of its class!




  • Suitable for long time writing
  • Sophisticated matte black body
  • Stainless steel extra-fine nib, good ink flow
  • Deliver an incomparable writing experience
  • Makes an amazing gift for anyone else



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12 reviews

Amira Mann

Love this pen! Writes beautifully. When held, the pen gives a feeling of luxury due to its texture and weight. It looks incredibly stylish. Super happy with my buy.


Jessica Cross

I love this pen! Beautifully fine and not scratchy at all, Feels like a very sturdy and reliable pen, looks fantastic too. Definitely going to be my main pen from now on.


Annie Santos

Exceptional pen, cool to hold, knurled full metal construction, converter works like a dream. If you want an understated modern looking fountain pen, look no further. Great value for money, great quality.


Vincent Burgess

Great pen which I use every day. Ink flow very good. Feels very comfortable and balanced in the hand and the nib is excellent. Very good value for money. Unhesitatingly recommend it.


Wesley Stevenson

I like the weighty feel to this pen and the extra fine nib is perfect for notebook use, with a crisp and clear flow. First time I have purchased a metal fountain pen and I'm so impressed by its style and robustness, and superb price I definitely will be buying the set.


Gabrielle Warner

I've been using this pen for about a month now. Feels and looks more expensive. The nib is very fine and smooth. Way better than same value Parker.


Gabrielle Warner

I've been using this pen for about a month now. Feels and looks more expensive. The nib is very fine and smooth. Way better than same value Parker.

Brynn Reeves

This pen feels surprisingly heavy in the hand (in a nice way), even though it looks rather small compared to other more flamboyant fountain pens. It's made of a stylish black metal, and produces a very fine but elegant pen stroke.


Millie Salazar

A great pen and good value for money! Would be nice if nib options ie Italic nib, were offered, but a very smooth pen.


Miriam Hubbard

Love this. Feels good quality, using the converter and the ink flows beautifully. It is slightly too heavy with the lid on but perfectly balanced without.

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