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A great addition to our collection! This Transparent Fountain Pen is what everybody's talking about. It's clear, beautiful and elegant! 


Our fountain pen has two variants, the EF ( Extra Fine .38mm) and F (Fine .5mm)! It gives you smooth and fine handwriting. Effortlessly beautiful and elegant handwriting at the tip of your fingers!

EASY TO FILL. Just fill the pen with your desired ink with a dropper up to 90% then tighten the rubber ring and body! It is easy and fast. You can have a beautiful and colorful pen. It just depends on what you put in. 

COMFORTABLE HOLD. This fountain pen has a comfortable hold so you don't feel pressure when writing! It's great and had a perfect hold.



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4 reviews

Joey Stanford

Smooth writing and comfortable in your hand. The problem is keeping track of them. The two I ordered were confiscated by family members. I've ordered three more. :-)

Marlov I.

One of my favorite fountain pens and one of the best I have ever owned — and great service and an even greater price. You cannot go wrong ordering from these folks!!

CK Lauders

I liked the first one so much, about 5 months later I have purchased another. This cheap little pen writes so much smoother than a $20 metropolitan from Pilot. The ink flows and the nib glides across the paper. It's great for the price, and it looks really cool being a "demo" pen. Great seller too!

Grace A.

I'm fairly new to fountain pens, but this one immediately became my favorite. Writes beautifully, the tip doesn't scratch or drag, and it's a good size and weight. It's a little shorter than other pens when closed, but posting the cap takes care of that and adds balance. Noodler's Black Swan in Australian Roses looks awesome in the clear barrel and flows out smoothly when writing. I can't believe the quality of this fountain pen compared to its price. I've ordered two more already.