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Large 165x235mm


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This TRAVELER'S JOURNAL is a piece of the medieval times reminiscent of manuscripts where you can write your deepest and most intimate thoughts, important dates, life events, and everything that you're all about!



Featuring a soft faux leather cover with a beautifully embossed compass that can be secured shut by a leather rope wrap embellished with antique toned charms so your writings are beautifully well covered. The pages have a parchment color to complete the vintage look and have no lines letting you maximize your space for your thoughts and scribbles.




  • Refillable journal
  • Made of high-quality PU leather
  • Durable and ages beautifully over time
  • Inner Pages: About 75 sheets (150 pages)
  • Cover Size: B5(16.5*23.5cm), A5(13.0*18.5cm), A6(10.5*14.5cm)



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12 reviews

Leonardo Mullins

This is a very nice little journal. I love its ring fasteners for the paper inside, which makes it refillable. That is a great feature for me, seeing as i don't like change much. If you're interested in a signature accessory that doubles as an endlessly useful notebook. I am very happy with the quality of the faux leather and the design of anchor, and helm medallions. Over all this is a beautiful product and I am glad to have ordered it.


Jameson Schneider

I am constantly sketching and drawing. I like to think I am pretty decent at it, but here's the funny thing. I used to get a lot of compliments about my drawings as people walked past and caught a glimpse of them. Since I got these notebooks however, I have gotten 8 compliments on the notebooks and only a couple on the contents. People have literally gone out of their way to come ask me where I got it. :)


Jose Wolfe

I got this not to actually use but more to go with a theme in the room. To my surprise I actually use it. It is very nice, plenty of pages and it just has a very nice feel to it. Love the anchor page marker. I absolutely love this!


Camilla Ramsey

My son sails the Great Lakes every summer on a tall ship with Toronto Brigantine. He keeps a journal while on board. This is a beautiful book. He loves the nautical embellishments and the look of a real mariner’s leather journal. The unlined paper is better for the small sketches he likes to include in his daily entries. He loves the leather with embossed compass rose. This will be a real keepsake!


Lena Walsh

I am absolutely in love with this little journal. As I begin to work with it I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that you are able to take the pages out and put them back in makes it easier to work with. The color of it is super cute giving it a rustic look perfect for adventures. Overall I highly recommend this little journal!


Xavier Leonard

This is actually my second journal from this company; I bought a smaller one a month ago. That journal has held up well, so I expect this one to hold up well, too.


Evan Keller

The nautical metal pieces are both awesome looking and functional. The binder rings snap shut nicely tight, and the removable pages make it easy to reorganize notes. I can imagine all sorts of uses for a journal like this.


Giselle Munoz

I really love it! The binder clips are a great way to get more usage. The style is fantastic! I love the color of the cover, the strap and the paper just gives it a little extra period feel. The stamped compass on the front is a great look.


Roman Page

I used this as a travel journal and stuck in stickers, things I ripped out of brochures, pictures, as well as the typical hand-written notes. I love that it's like a binder, so I can rearrange pages easily.


Brayden Guzman

Mine arrived yesterday and it's perfect! I really like the ringed binder aspect of it because I'm normally afraid to ruin my journals and end up never writing in them. Also the paper is a light tan which I haven't made up my mind on if I like it yet, but since it's refillable that's easily fixed if I decide I don't.

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