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Vacuum Fountain Pen

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0.38MM Transparent


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The pen that suits your style. It has an elegant clear design that looks perfectly beautiful.


HIGH QUALITY. This Vacuum Fountain Pen is made of super quality resin, the pen grip is ultra-light and super smooth. It offers two variants that meet your needs, one is a 0.38mm and 0.5mm. 

EASY FILLING SYSTEM. Simply untwist the end cap, pull up then push down. Ink is filled, then twist the end back

CLEAR BARREL. The clear body is really cool, you can show off your ink choice, or just get a handy indicator of when you need a refill.

LARGE CAPACITY. Once filled, it holds a lot of ink, and with its smooth payout it'll take forever to run out.


In order to keep our products super affordable, all orders are shipped directly from the factory. Please allow 5 - 20 business days for your order to arrive to the US, Australia & Canada. (Delivery for international orders can take 2 to 4 weeks.)

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4 reviews

Todd Urman

The pen feels good in the hand and has just enough weight to let you know it's there but not so much as to feel heavy. When received it looked exactly as I thought it would from the online photo, and arrived in good condition as a new pen should. The filling mechanism works well also allowing a good volume of ink to be loaded.

Mariah Osman

Excellent pen, appearance ink capacity, butter-smooth writing and note-taking did not skip all day while testing even reverse writing. Customer service is unparalleled. 10/10 would buy again!

Tricia Oregon

The vac fill works smoothly and well. The pen holds a lot of ink. Remember to unscrew the back vac cap 1mm or so to let the ink flow to the nib for long writing sessions. :) The nib is quite smooth and the proportions of the grip are comfortable for me as a left-handed writer. Definitely would recommend to anyone wanting a pen with some weight, or if you want to try a vac fill without too much of a commitment.

Melissa Gibson

These are the best pens I have ever owned. I'm amazed considering the price. I've never bought vacuum fill fountain pens before and have only had limited experience with any fountain pens only the cartridge kind. I had to Google how to fill them. They have a very fine nib, which I like. I'm going to buy another set just to have on hand.