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Discover the magic of putting pen to paper with our VINTAGE FLORAL DESIGN NOTEBOOK! This is the notebook you can use to scribble big ideas, little reminders, and anything that inspires you throughout the day. The pages are smooth and creamy and it fits inside nearly every bag or purse.

The look of this notebook is very pleasing - warm yet neutral hardcover with retro color and flowers. Beautiful flower printed on every page which gives a retro time sense of the 1920s. You can freely write or draw anything you see or you want to say or any secrets you want to hide!



  • Sturdy sewn binding
  • Hardcover and hardback design
  • Rounded corners for reduced wear
  • Made of high-quality paper material
  • Ideal for a diary, travel journal, creative writing, etc



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9 reviews

Thea Herrera

I love the size, beauty and feel of these. The texture is so smooth and seems easy to write on. I bought these for my daughter and nieces as a gift and they absolutely love it. The material was amazing and different than expected. I was very pleased with the purchase as well as delivery.


Olive Hopkins

This notebook is worth every penny. It's wonderful to write on. Smooth pages, the whole thing is classy. Super inspiring to write in this. :)


Vivienne Vargas

From now on I will buy from this store. Purchased this notebook for my daughter to use. The cover is thick and is holding up well!


Ruth Jensen

This notebook is great. The cover materials are really sturdy, and the paper is of good quality. You won’t regret buying them!

Angela Fleming

Love these notebooks. They are fun and whimsical. The paper is sturdy and doesn't easily rip out when you turn the page. I've bought several of these notebooks and will continue to do so.

Michelle Douglas

I love how sturdy the pages are. My favorite is that when I write in my ink pen it doesn't bleed through the pages! Perfect for neat and tidy note taking.

Raegan Holland

I bought 3 right away. These notebooks hold up better than anything you'd buy at a store. They are gorgeous though and pages feel very smooth, allow ink to glide and dry in a lovely way. Will order again!

Hayden Pearson

I love this journal! It is beautiful and more elegant than I thought it would be. Each page is uniquely gorgeous. The fabric is soft to the touch. But I just bought another one for the future.

Izabella Silva

These are stunning! Such unique journals. I bought 6 right away. After seeing them I will definitely buy more.