White & Gold Fountain Pen

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Embracing both tradition and evolution, our pen is timeless and refreshing! Each line and curve you put to paper is accentuated by the irresistible appeal of our White Gold Fountain Pen. With each letter you write, it exudes precision and clarity.


  • Classic Smooth Writing
  • Elegant Ink Flow
  • This vintage pen has the perfect weight/comfort ratio to give you a relaxed and graceful writing experience.


  • Writing point: 0.38mm
  • Material: Metal
  • Push Type Converter


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5 reviews

David Borton

Before this pen, I took several more, at a price, much more expensive. This quality of writing and execution was the best. It is convenient to hold in your hand, light, the hand does not get tired and the Pen does not scratch the paper. In general, the handle is fire!

Kylie Taylor

Handle super! The pen does not scratch! Looks stylish, and most importantly-very comfortable lies in the hand. I am happy! Recommend! In this case, the quality is at an altitude, despite the low cost!

Sarah Chalmers

It fits gracefully in my hand, I have the impression that the pen writes by itself, one of the better pens I ordered!

Lindsey Tatum

A perfectly designed fountain pen that won me over, at first sight, it writes perfectly beautifully and fluently, all the recommendations.

Kirk Skinner

It fits perfectly in the hand, it writes well, and this pen looks even better live than in pictures. I look forward to the next ordering for a friend.