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Another great addition to your collection!

Experience elegance in your handwriting and hours of writing with no strain on your wrist or hand! It works with left or right-handed individual


NATURAL WOOD.  This Wooden Fountain Pen is made of 100% natural wood that is handmade. It gives you a unique and vintage fountain pen with a comfortable grip. 

REFILLABLE. Our fountain pen comes with an ink refill converter for you to be able to refill your ink at any time and with different ink colors you prefer.

MEDIUM NIB. This pen has a medium nib (0.7mm) which writes smoothly and is best for calligraphy, business writing or for signature. You will find a nice and beautiful result!


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6 reviews

George Baker

This pen is beautifully made and has a feel of real quality. An excellent fountain pen at a very good price. Thank you for setting a high standard for on line purchasing.

Sandra Sanders

Fantastic Pen! I like the feel of the wood. I am in love with it. I feel like it is not a pen but a dream. Thank you. It works great too.


Jason Hernandez

Beautiful pen, for me heavy, but not heavy, the wood and metal are very beautiful, there is a feeling of a rare good thing, writes gently, the pen does not scratch the paper, it is convenient that you can fill and change capsules yourself! Very satisfied with the purchase! I will order more!


Stella A.

I absolutely am thrilled with this purchase! This is the best fountain pen ever! Not only is it sophisticated and beautiful to look at and it also writes like a dream! I could not be happier!

Letty H.

I love fountain pens and this one is no difference. The look and feel along with the presentation make this a great pen for the price point. Any person looking to get into refillable pens should definitely look here.

George Riley

I have lots of resin fountain pens-this is my first "wood" pen. It came on time and is everything promised. I love the iridium tip-very smooth with a calligraphic hint to it. I have used both signatures on word documents and marginal notes in my books. Smooth, no blotting easy to fill. If there is one drawback- and maybe a characteristic of bamboo, the cover cap just rests on the pen body when opened for writing. Can't get that little "give" to snug it on the end while writing. It closes with an authoritarian snap and pen has not dried up. I am very glad I purchased it